Hands with weddings rings



When the world tilts from its axis And what you believe is no longer true Hold precious those who are dear to you And remind them with each day anew. If we can think beyond this moment, fix our eyes on the horizon, we may be able to dream of the celebration we will have…

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Spring is in the air. Spring is the season of hope.  Lighter nights, slightly warmer days when sometimes you can even feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  The flowering bulbs are beginning to emerge and life seems to have just that little bit more energy. Colour begins to fill the earth once…

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Valentine’s Day February as we know it now, is the most romantic of months as Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world with an estimated 145 million cards sent to loved ones.  We can travel back hundreds of years to find the earliest accounts of the feast day of St Valentine  – and some of…

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New Beginnings

January is all about new beginnings, New Year resolutions and the prospect of a new year ahead. It can be an adventure, full of hope and promise. Just ahead is the prospect of lighter days and warmer times. With a brand new diary in front of you full of empty pages to fill with upcoming…

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