The Tide Is Turning

Thankfully the tide is turning.  Nights are getting lighter.  I always have a sense of hope as the evenings begin to stretch out.  The scientists are saying we are entering the beginning of the end.  While COVID may never be completely behind us.  It may be we have to live with it.  If we are ever to return to life as we knew it.  Our lovely Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee over my birthday weekend; I’m sure that’s just good timing as opposed her thinking of me!  Street parties will abound.  This year has given us so much to look forward to already and we still are only in January.

I for one have a calendar of weddings, vow renewals and naming ceremonies to look forward to.  I also have a wedding that unfortunately was postponed last year, only two days before the ceremony due to COVID.  It was heartbreaking.  Hopefully it will go ahead later this year.  

What I love the most about being a Celebrant is being able to help couples fulfil their dreams. Couples allowing me the privilege to celebrate their very special day with them.  The honour doesn’t fade.  Every celebration is unique.  There are so many different aspects to a bespoke celebration, it’s very satisfying weaving it together into a ceremony just for them.

It’s about setting the right tone; and that comes from getting to know the couple.  Finding what makes them tick.  Then it’s setting a ceremony with just the right amount of pathos and a bit of fun.  Ceremonies can be quite formal occasions, injecting a little humour, helps guests relax, listen a little more closely and enjoy it that much more.  At the heart of it all though is the couple themselves.  Nothing beats the joy of seeing a couple in love and about to share the rest of their lives together. Their ceremony marks the start of their big adventure.  Therefore its got to be just right, its got to be perfect.