Sue Gill, smiling

My name is Sue Gill, a Family Celebrant, based in the wonderful Cumbrian Lake District.

My background is in education, where it has been my privilege to teach students of all ages, becoming involved in their lives and those of their family. As a teacher, enthusiasm and passion are key; you set the scene, tailor the learning to meet the needs of the student, and inject a little fun and humour into the mix to keep it interesting. My skills, enthusiasm, passion and experience are now channelled into my work as a Family Celebrant.

For my husband and I, next year marks our thirty fifth wedding anniversary. However we choose to celebrate it, it will be with our children, family and friends, the people in our lives who are important to us and have been part of our lives for most of that time. Traditionally a gift of coral is given on this anniversary; coral is found in warm seas… I quite like the idea of going to see the coral in situ!