The Privilege Of Being A Guest

An invite to a wedding is a privilege.  It is a request for your company to witness a pivotal moment in a couple’s life.  Being invited to their special day, is a way of letting you know that you have touched their hearts in some way. That you mean a lot to them. 

Many couples plan a wedding abroad, having their ceremony on an exotic beach, surrounded by family and friends. Unfortunately, the current economy is so uncertain.  Couples are not always able to celebrate their ceremony in the way they dreamed.  Aware of imposing a financial burden on those they would wish to attend.

Clients now are opting for two ceremonies. One very small intimate affair abroad and a larger celebration closer to home for all their loved ones to witness.  Rather than it be a compromise,  after all who wouldn’t want more than one wedding day!  It becomes a more relaxed and fun affair.  

Couples get to celebrate twice. They are more able to include as many family and friends to take an active part in their ceremony.  Guests who actively have a role in a ceremony bring another dimension to a wedding. I actually encourage my couples to include as many family and friends who are able to have a role. 

Working closely with couples allows me to offer advice as to how guests may be included, playing to their strengths and confidence. An active guest has far more personal memories than one who passively watches the ceremony from the comfort of their seat.  Remember guests already know they are privileged to help you celebrate. To have a role in your ceremony makes it very a special occasion indeed.