New life, new hope, a time to celebrate

There is something so very special when a new born is welcomed into a family.   Like a pebble dropped into a pool, the ripples of good wishes extend ever outwards.  For the new parents, transfixed by the loving bundle they have brought into the world, full of love and pride.  Grandparents, who are instantly smitten.  Aunties, whose hearts swell and eyes mist at the sight of this new life.  Family and friends want to bestow their good wishes for the child.  All are cocooned in a blanket of promise, hope and belief that a wonderful future lies ahead for this child.  

There are already so many other threads that will define this child’s life in the hearts and minds of those around them. Perhaps one of the most needing consideration is in the choosing of a name.  Lists are drawn, many discarded until whittled down to ‘the one’.  Maybe it has a special meaning for the parents, it could be chosen in memory of a beloved family member.  However it is chosen, the child will be forever formally known.  At this time, what become more prevalent, are the pet names given to the child; all those closely related will have already adopted their own special name for them.

There are so many other aspects of our lives, personalities and experiences that define us as the people we are, we tend to want to reflect or share with the child.  A favourite piece of music,  the perfume and bloom of particular flowers, poems or song lyrics can all resonate personal association from the perspective of those close to the child. A naming ceremony gives us the opportunity to do just that; a wonderful way of gathering all those close to share and celebrate this new life.