Wedding Season Is Back!

I attended a most beautiful wedding this week.  The couple were able to have their ceremony just as they had dreamed it would be, it was truly wonderful.  Throughout the multitude of arrangements and decisions they had to make; catering, music, decoration etc, they had not forgotten the true sense of why they were having a wedding at all.  To declare before family and friends their love and commitment for each other.

Within their vows, they encapsulated the language of love they have for each other.  Their vows reflected how they feel about each other, they were natural, they were simple, they were complete.

Saying the words ‘I Love You’, giving the reasons behind that love.  Just for being there when they are needed.  Promising to give one another their full attention, to always listen to each other.  Being each others best friend.  No elaborate gestures or declarations, just the core of who they are.  A couple who love each other dearly.

Friends have witnessed how they are with one another; holding hands, hugging, thoughtful reassuring touches.  All showing their concern, care and love.  They are always willing to help each other, to understand the other and know how to ease their burden. They surprise each other with thoughtful gifts of kindness.  Knowing the other will appreciate and be thankful.

As a couple their love and care spills over to their friends and family.  Making those around them feel safe and accepted into their circle. Nothing is ever too much trouble.  People want to be with them, to spend time in their company.  It was evident at the wedding all the guests had their personal tributes to them.

However, in that moment, declaring their vows, in a room full of people, they only saw each other.  Just perfect.