This Little Girl

This little girl has just celebrated a milestone birthday.  Time to reflect on the years past and anticipate those yet to come.  I will start with those closest to my heart.  I have a loving husband and two wonderful children of whom I am very proud.  My happiest times are when we are all together and the laughter flows.  I have friends I love and appreciate.  Wherever they are on the planet, we stay in touch. Time differences often mean one of us will have a morning coffee in our pjs while the other will have a glass of wine, also in pjs.  Comfort is everything.  I live in a place I love and offers me all I want and need. In all I feel very blessed.

So what have I learned over the years?  I know that my calories in does not equal my calories out.  I will never need another diet book. I know what to do.  I know 14 units does not last a weekend. Thank goodness for dry January. I know that after a Crossfit session I feel battered and bruised, but the sense of achievement is greater than the pain, so I go again.  I know this former party animal is far happier getting a nice table in a pub where she can hear a conversation. I have no wish to pub crawl or night club anymore.  Got that t.shirt.  Don’t get me wrong. I love a good party and to see the sun come up before I get home.  It just takes me longer to recover these days. I know that laughter really is the best medicine.  Surrounding myself with those who bring out the best in me is good for my soul.

I have worked hard since leaving school and all too often the work life balance has been skewed.  I derive enormous pleasure now, knowing that my focus is on the things I enjoy in life. I am also getting better at having the wherewithal to say, ‘No’.  All too often I have felt obliged to something I would rather have not.  Catholic school girl guilt. I am not becoming selfish or self-centred.  Im just recognising that my time is mine, and therefore precious to me.  

What advice could I offer from the life experiences I have learned?  

Generally if you show people respect, treat them with dignity, talk to them calmly, listen when they speak, they will respond in a similar manner.  

Pay forward small acts of kindness.

Don’t rush towards life milestones, they will come to you.

Enjoy being in the moment.

And lastly, remember to tell those you love that you love them.