Second Time Around

Love can strike at any age, whether you are looking for it or not.    It’s the marvellous thing about human beings, when we connect with the right person, love happens.  Marriage a second time around, has been on the rise in recent years in those over the age of fifty.  I know of many couples and have indeed celebrated many couples, for whom love and happiness has found them later in life.

We are all living longer healthier lifestyles, why not share it with someone who brings you joy, love and laughter.  There are so many lonely people in the world. Having physical contact with another human being is imperative, lockdown taught us that. We all need a hand to hold when needing reassurance.  An arm around us when we need comfort. And a reassuring smile, to let the you know you are in their heart.

Marriage in an older couple brings with it a combined history of life experiences.  Each others families and friends all bring a different dynamic to a new relationship.  It’s about working out how to negotiate what may be choppy waters, from those who think they have your best interests at heart. Simply living together is not for everyone.  Marriage offers more that just a legal commitment.  For some it is the stability and assurance of a bond they desire.  A bond that confirms to those around them, they are together for the long term.

As we get older, we can sometimes be regarded by those around us like a comfortable and dependable pair of old slippers.    There’s nothing wrong with it.  People who know you well want the best for you; but it’s not always what you want.  Our politeness inhibits us. Expectations of how we should behave can hold us back. Deep inside we actually want to be painfully high heels, completely unsuitable but oh so worth it. A new relationship can bring out the high heels in all of us.  

History is in the past, it needs to be acknowledged and learned from.  But then is the time to move on. A new person in your life means they want to live with you in the moment, in the here and now.  Together you can look forward to an exciting future.  Marriage the second time around has a lot going for it.  For those still pondering, take the plunge.