*A nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant or that has been loved and then lost: the love that remains.

We came across this word in Funchal airport last month. It is a wonderfully melancholic word.  For me it sums up perfectly this time of year.  As summer gives way to autumn, the colours are changing, the weather is changing, we are changing.  From our summer clothes, light nights and carefree days.  Into the bulky clothes we wrap around ourselves, nights drawing in and central heating on. Setting ourselves up for human hibernation until the clocks Spring forward once again. 

It is also the perfect time to reflect on the weddings, commitment ceremonies and vow renewals that I have been privileged to conduct over the summer months.  Some outdoors in perfect summer weather, some outdoors in full Cumbrian weather.  Small intimate celebrations, large gatherings of family and friends, children taking centre stage with their unscripted innocence; completely joyful. 

Every celebration is different, every couple bring something special.  For me, every ceremony brings with it a learning curve.  Writing the ceremony, including the elements specific to that couple, getting to know them as I write their Love Story.  Private special moments, pivotal moments are shared with me; trusting in me to tell their story.  It is the little moments during the ceremony, the impromptu things that happen, are the times I enjoy and remember most of all. 

What makes me the most nostalgic though, are the thank-you messages I get after the ceremony.  Heartfelt messages, where couples convey special moments from their ceremony that will be forever in their hearts.  Saudade.