Privacy and Privilege

Yesterday I received a wonderful email from a couple, just home from their honeymoon, thanking me for making their ceremony so special.  In their words, I really understood them.  I was very humbled.  That a couple would take time, from their busy lives, to say thank you.

In truth I have always had lovely thank you notes from my clients after their ceremony.  Some I’ve even received the very next day.  So touched were they by their ceremony.

Their thanks, much like their ceremony remains between me and them. I believe in privacy.  I recognise I am in a very privileged position, to enable a couple celebrate a very intimate moment in their lives.  It is not for me to give it fanfare, it is up to them, should they wish.  It is the reason I don’t publish photographs. Nor do I write on social media. I don’t even discuss with my family.

I have clients who are part of the same social groups as I am.  They know I will not discuss their plans or even the fact that I am conducting their ceremony with anyone else but them.  

I did get close once though, a funny moment.  I was interviewing a lovely couple over zoom, discussing their interests and ideas.  Suddenly the groom asked me if I knew a friend of theirs, that friend as it turned out was my daughter!  I made it clear there and then that nothing would be discussed between my daughter and myself. They told her soon after our conversation, I was to be their celebrant. She was delighted for them and me.  Their ceremony however, remained between me and them.