Poetry is Personal

This month I’ve been researching poetry, for the upcoming wedding ceremonies I’m preparing.  Poetry is very subjective, it’s why it’s so important for me to get to know a couple before I can offer suitable pieces for their ceremony.  One size does not fit all.  Poetry does not have to be lengthy or rhythmic but must resonate with the couple themselves, who they are, their history together and their future plans.  It should have the ability to reflect the chemistry of their relationship and their uniqueness.

When I ask new couples if they have a favourite poem, not very often do they have one or two that are close to their hearts.  Frequently the answer to the question draws a blank, but as soon as some are offered, the words strike a chord within them.  They can hear their personalities, their relationship or  their history being read aloud they understand the effect of poetry.  Those poems often become “their poems”.

Poems are powerful.  They have the ability to lift, to inspire, to reflect and sometimes to challenge. There are many wedding poems and romantic poems that are very popular and often used for ceremonies. Nothing wrong with that.  However, when I take the time to get to know a couple, learn what makes them tick, I will find a poem out there that will be meaningful to them and become their special one.

A while back a couple did have a poem they were wanting to include in their ceremony.  It wasn’t romantic or wedding based in any way.  It was short and humorous and they wanted it to be read by one of their guests.  Until I got to know the couple I couldn’t see why they had chosen this particular poem.  Once I did get to know them and the intended reader of the poem, it all made sense.  It was perfect.

For years I have collected poetry, those that have spoken to me at particular times in my life.  Occasionally I will reread them and reminisce, knowing their titles by heart and where and when I discovered them.  More importantly, almost like looking through old photograph albums, they are a reminder of what was happening in my life at that time.  These poems I keep as my private collection. 

Many years ago I had a poem that I really loved.  It was about perspective.  I don’t know where I found it or the name of the author.  I didn’t have it on a hard drive but would use it almost as a form of meditation.  Lovingly almost as a form of calming meditation I would rewrite it, taking time and care in my script, reading and rereading.  It’s been missing for many years, I can only think its been misplaced during a move.  The notebook where it was written gone astray.  From time to time I will try to find in through the internet. When browsing a second hand book shop I’ll scan the poetry sections.  In someways its perfect poetry in itself, the one that got away, that remains out there in the ether ready to be discovered once more.