New Beginnings

January is all about new beginnings, New Year resolutions and the prospect of a new year ahead. It can be an adventure, full of hope and promise. Just ahead is the prospect of lighter days and warmer times. With a brand new diary in front of you full of empty pages to fill with upcoming adventures and achievements. Embrace the new start and the romance of a new beginning. Using the still cold dark winter month to snuggle up together is a perfect time to plan.

For you and your partner it could be a time for taking stock and reflecting on your lives together; your family, your friends, your achievements. The years spent together through times of joy and sometimes sorrow. Where do you want to go from here? A celebration in a vow renewal ceremony is a perfect way of expressing of your love for each other. Every couple have their own unique story to tell; from the first flush of a heady romance, to marriage and perhaps children. It’s your time, to appreciate each other anew, have fun to share and make happy memories with all your loved ones around you.

A vow renewal ceremony can be a time for a trip down memory lane; old photos, fashions, music and destinations visited over the years. It can also be a time to think about the future, to give thanks for what you have and where you want your journey together to travel. However you wish to celebrate it is a time to show how you have matured together; expressing your love for each other as you are now. Time does not stand still and neither does life.

Music is a classic ceremonial complement for a vow renewal. Well chosen music to accompany the ceremony can evoke memories, uplift us or induce melancholy – all the emotions required for an unforgettable ceremony. Whatever you choose it will be preserved in the memory for you and your guests of your ceremony. The classics such as “It Had to Be You”, “Unchained Melody”, “The Best is Yet to Come” or “At Last” are all well chosen for the very reason they are part of our psyche. Putting your own playlist together however, of music you have loved over the years or that hold special memories for you both, evoke recollections that are personal to you and those close to you may also recall the reasons for your choice: An ‘in house’ secret to be shared with your guests.