May Love Stories

Follow your stars because when stars align beautiful things happen. 

So much of what being a Celebrant is about is the ability to tell the client’s story.  To be able to write about a pivotal moment in the lives of two people is a very special privilege.  It is to capture the moment their world changed forever. It is almost like being let into a significant secret that belongs just to the two of them.  But one they are willing to trust you with, for you to tell, with the gravitas it deserves to their family and friends as they celebrate their special day.

During this period of lockdown, while ceremonies are being postponed, love stories are still being written.  People are still falling in love, making plans and  dreaming of the day when they will be able to celebrate.  I have had the privilege to write many such love stories and as of this month will be posting them so you too will be able to share the love that these stories tell.

As with anything a Celebrant does, client confidentiality is paramount and stories will only be published with direct permissions of the clients.  In some cases clients have wished names, dates and locations changed or a stock photo used instead of their own.  A story will only be told if the clients are happy for me to tell it.

Do you have a love story you would like me to tell?  It doesn’t have to be related to a ceremony, just a heartwarming story that can be shared to bring a little joy into our unpredictable world.  If you do, please get in touch.  I will treat your story with the utmost confidentiality and respect.  In the meantime, please enjoy my first love story.