Jess and Adam

‘I close my eyes …’

Growing up in the same neighbourhood, going to the same school, never meeting, never talking. Strange how human nature works, when you have been close to the love of your life all those years without ever knowing it.  This is the story of Jess and Adam, two such people for whom their stars did not align until much later.

They met at a mutual friends birthday party and fell into easy conversation.  As the party came to an end they even shared a little kiss.  Neither can agree who instigated the kiss but both were glad it happened. Walking home Adam recalled how happy he felt they had gotten on so well together.

On their first date, they discovered a shared love of Indie music.  Both admired the same bands.  Both were avid festival goers.  When Jess realised Adam was also in a band it made her fall for him even more.  It was on this first date, according to Adam, that Jess ‘accidentally’ left her bracelet at his house.  He would need to see her again to return it.  

Adam wore the bracelet on the following date.  As their relationship grew, Jess and Adam spent many evenings together in clubs listening to their favourite Indie bands.  The songs of that time now hold special memories  for them, forever associated with the beginnings of their romance.

That summer Jess had already made plans to holiday abroad with her girlfriends.  Similarly, Adam too was going to be away with friends. While they were away it gave them time for reflection.  Both realised that they wanted to be with one another.  Adam knew he loved Jess very much.  On her return home, Adam was waiting for her at the airport.  They hugged, they cried, they had missed each other so much.

What we realise as this love story progresses, is that Adam is a true romantic.  For her birthday Adam presented Jess with a necklace he’d had specially engraved with the lyrics of their favourite song.  

‘I close my eyes …’ 

As their relationship grew, it was evident to family and friends that Jess and Adam were a couple very much in love.  They could see the love they shared when they were together.  It came as no surprise when Adam and Jess decided to buy a house together.  Both being animal lovers, their home was complete when they were joined by Autumn and Tiger, two very loveable cats.

Unbeknown to Jess, Adam had made a trip to York, to a renowned jewellers in the city.  He selected a perfect engagement ring for her; a beautiful bespoke solitaire diamond set on a white gold band.  He planned to propose to Jess during a Christmas shopping trip to London.  The weekend arrived, Adam kept the ring on him, waiting for the perfect opportunity; he had hoped to ask Jess under the twinkling Christmas lights of Piccadilly Circus.  Unfortunately the proposal had to wait.  The weekend was cut short as Jess was unwell.

Undeterred, Adam made plans to propose to Jess on Christmas Day of 2016.  He gave Jess a card to open that read ‘to my fiancee’.  Jess pointed out Adam’s mistake.  Adam promptly went down on bended knee and asked Jess to marry him, presenting Jess with the engagement ring he had been keeping for so long. They cried, they hugged and they toasted their future with champagne.  A Christmas they would never forget. 

On what seemed to be the hottest day of the year, 24th August 2019, Jess and Adam were married, beneath the magnificent backdrop of Roseberry Topping, in the North Yorkshire village of Newton Under Roseberry.  Their wedding ceremony took place in the very beautiful 1000 year old St Oswald’s Norman Saxon Church.  Afterwards they celebrated in the best way possible, with a festival themed wedding party, what else! The entire day and night was spent in laughter, sunshine, music and love.  As Jess recalls, it was truly the best day of her life.  And for Adam, such a magical day that couldn’t have been more perfect.