Clare and John

The days between Christmas and New Year are for many often a bit of a fug;  pyjama days, board games and constant fridge foraging.  For this couple however, it was the start of a wonderful romance.  Clare and John didn’t need the twinkle of the fairy lights to shine in their eyes.  The sparkle was there as they looked at each other for the very first time.  As Clare recalls, she pretty much knew straight away John was perfect for her. 

As many people do Clare and John had been looking to start a new chapter in their lives.  Looking through dating sites, they  saw each other but were not really sure whether to make the first move.  When John realised they had a mutual friend through Facebook, he eventually messaged Clare.  The messaging continued for a while before John finally plucked up courage to ask Clare out for a drink.

Their first date was to a local pub;  The Victoria in Saltburn, a lovely pub, full of old world charm.  They found a small cosy table by the door nook and there their romance began.  Today when they go in they still prefer that table.  If it’s occupied they secretly hope that the couple sat there might be at the start of a new romance just as they had.

As the months progressed, they realised their paths had almost crossed so many times over the years.  Though Clare started the year John left, they had attended the same school,  Friends and family members had known each other.  Clare’s best friend was married to an old friend of John’s and they used to holiday together as children.  Clearly serendipity had waited until the time was right for both of them to meet.

A common passion they both shared was their love of motorbikes.  Riding out one summers evening, they arrived at The White House Inn, set in the historic town of Whitby, North Yorkshire.  As they sat outside, taking in the stunning panoramic views of the Yorkshire Coast, they laughed, they were relaxed and they began to confide in each other.  John recalls it was then, in that moment, he realised his happiness and contentment was because he had fallen in love with Clare.

Friends and family were beginning to notice changes in them both too.  Even early on in their relationship it was becoming evident that they were meant to be together.  Clare’s happiness was evident to all.  Clare told John’s best friend she thought John was the one for her.  He knew John felt exactly the same way.  John had never looked happier, Clare was good for him.

In quiet moments, Clare reflects on the success of their loving relationship. What is the secret of their success?   Everyday they are grateful to be  together and make the most of each day.  Enjoying simple walks after work in the fields around where they live. Watching the seasons change and taking photos of the beautiful flora and fauna.  They have fun together, so simple yet so powerful.

Perhaps what they are most grateful for is how fortunate they feel.  They both have children of similar ages who get along together.  Even their children have similar interests.  Family gatherings are a pleasure, the coming together of two families as one.  John’s grandchildren even call Clare Nana, which she loves.

Clare and John are two people who have found love and happiness in each other.  Secure in the love and support of those around them, they are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.