Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

My heart goes out to all those couples who have had to postpone their wedding plans – some unfortunately, for the second time.  I hope I can offer some practical and heartfelt ideas.  So come your special day, whenever it may be, you will have it just the way you had envisaged.

There will be couples, who just can’t wait. For you, you are able to book a registrar and as long as there are witnesses, be married legally in a registry office.  This is not expensive, though it does vary from area to area.  You will also receive a certificate of marriage.  There is something spontaneous, intimate and simple about this choice.  It’s ideal for couples who don’t want the limelight and for whom large gatherings are a pressure rather than a pleasure.

Alternatively, there are couples who are willing to wait, so they can have their dream wedding and be married in front of all their guests.  For these couples, their wedding day is the culmination of years of planning.  So many choices will have been made, everything from the perfect venue to the stationary for guest invitations.  For them, compromise is not an option. To be able to see their dreams come to fruition is part of the great joy of the day.  

Whatever a couples plans may be. Whatever type of wedding is their ideal. Taking time to write their vows is perhaps the linchpin as to why they are getting married.  It is something that can be done now and is a pleasurable experience as they wait for their wedding day.  I would suggest for this, rather than punching them out on a keyboard, using old fashioned pen and paper. Why? Simply because it is a slower method.  It takes time, the process allows you time to think about the person you love.  

What is it you love about the person who you are going to be with for the rest of your life ? What is it about them that you know they are the one for you?  This is a time to really lay your heart on to the paper in front of you. It is far more romantic and heartfelt to receive personal handwritten vows from the one you love.  Your vows will be treasured and remain with you as the cornerstone of your life together.

Whether your wedding is going to be a grand affair or a simply elegant occasion, you will have either informed or invited family and friends.  Why not ask them to write their blessings and good wishes for you too, especially if they can’t join you on your special day.  People like to feel part of a celebration.  For yourselves, to receive those written good wishes and know you have their love, are wonderful keepsakes to look back on in the years ahead.  

I truly hope that after vaccines are administered and we are able to open our doors once again, couples will be able to celebrate in the way they have planned.