From faux pas to downright disasters…


After last months beautiful wedding memories, I thought this month it might be fun to remember some of the less than perfect moments that surround a wedding.  Things that at the time may have been seemingly ‘end of the world’ disasters are now just a memory and a wry smile.

A good starter for ten would be our own wedding.  Unbeknown to me, the hotel had managed to loose our four tier wedding cake.  How on earth can a cake of that size go missing?  My lovely husband-to-be thought best not to tell me and let me think everything was fine, while he and the hotel staff searched for the missing cake.  Thankfully it was found and come the day all worked out perfectly. 

Another wedding cake disaster was a friends wedding, during their photographs.  While poised with the knife about to cut into the cake, the grooms hands over the brides, the groom began to cut into the cake.  Unfortunately the knife was the wrong way round.  The poor bride ended up with a very nasty cut to her hand.  She very bravely smiled through it for the sake of the photos. 

More recently, I attended a wedding and ended up wearing the exact same dress as the groom’s stepmother.  It was brought to my attention by the groom’s father who said, “It’ll be fine.”  I surely knew it wouldn’t be.  I hurried back to my room to change.  Bumping into said lady in the identical dress, in the hotel lobby.  The look of horror on her face told me all I needed to know.  The only dress choices I had was either the outfit I had been wearing the previous evening or the jeans I’d travelled in.  The previous evenings outfit  seemed more fitting than jeans.  It was a beautiful wedding and no one was any the wiser.

Another couple had chosen to have their ceremony in a Lakeside Gazebo.  Set in the beautiful grounds of a hotel.  For days before the wedding the rain had poured.  Come their morning the sun shone and the lawn dried enough for the seating to be arranged.  The florist was up very early that morning to decorate the gazebo with magnificent floral arrangements.  The hotel staff not realising, thought they were from the previous wedding and promptly tore them down and disposed of them.  Thankfully this was discovered before guests started to arrive. With the help of the groom, the florist managed to retrieve the flowers and redecorate the gazebo.  Thankfully another disaster averted and another bride blissfully unaware.

A cousins wedding many years ago, all was going beautifully as the bride walked down the aisle behind her bridesmaids and little flower girl. The little girl was the brides three year old daughter.  Unfortunately as she walked down the aisle the child was stung by a wasp.  Screaming in pain, only her mothers comfort would help abate her tears.  The ceremony was put on hold a few minutes while a cuddle and antihistamine cream was applied.  She soon became the centre of attention for being a ‘brave girl’ and enjoyed every minute after that.  

I am sure there are many such ‘disasters’ that befall a wedding day, but the truth of the matter is understanding what is really important.  Two people before their guests declaring their love for each other.  Everything else is a coincidental memory.