Confetti and Bubbles

At a wedding I attended in July, the couple did not want confetti at the end of their ceremony but had bubble machines at work instead.  It was lovely. It was fun. And it suited the couple so well. Capturing the moment beautifully, the photographs looked splendid.  I must admit, at first I hadn’t been sure, but it worked perfectly. An up to date twist on an old tradition.

So what is it about confetti and this old tradition?  The origins of confetti throwing can be traced back to the middle ages. Often it was a way of showering a newly married couple with good luck and as they recessed down the aisle, after taking their vows.  Pagans would throw grain seeds or rice to symbolise a fruitful union.  The fertility of seeds being bestowed on the couple.  Romans would crumble wheat cakes over the brides head.  This was to represent that life can be both bitter and sweet. In Greece, the custom was known as phyllobia, showering people with leaves and flower petals during special events, not just weddings but other celebratory occasions too.

However, it wasn’t always like that.  In many countries candy-like confections made from dried fruit and spices would often be used at carnivals or holy days by those who were part of a  procession to throw out to the crowds as they passed by.  In Italy, confetti means candied and refers to the sugar coated almonds given to guests as party favours at weddings and christenings.  Five sugared almonds are given in a small tulle bag.  The five almonds representing Happiness, Health, Fertility, Longevity and Wealth for the newly married couple or baby.

Nowadays there are so many different types of confetti should a couple want it. From the small colourful biodegradable paper shapes to dried flower petals and herb leaves.  All meant to be thrown over the special couple to wish them good luck as the begin married life together.

This month, the couple did wanted confetti, again it captured the moment so well, at the end of their ceremony.  Photographs were perfect, that slight blur of colour partnered with the natural smiles of the couple and their guests behind them.  That is what confetti does.  It brings out the natural happiness in people.  People laughing and cheering and wishing the couple good luck.  Just what you want from a wedding.

A tip for getting the confetti throwing just right is to aim to throw up and over the couple, rather than at them.  This ensures the confetti rains down on them from on high.