"Love should be unconditional; when you give it this way, you will receive it back in abundance."


What can be more special than the joining of two lives together in love?

When two people are in love, that’s all that matters; two people, declaring through vows their commitment to each other; exchanging tokens and promises before their guests; feeling the love and support of their family and friends as they begin the happiest of futures together.

A Celebrant led wedding ceremony is non discriminatory; life is enriched with the tapestry of people coming together whose different backgrounds, beliefs and passions define who they are. Love does not discriminate and neither do I.

Like all good romantic stories your wedding ceremony will have a subtle beginning, a passionate middle and an emotional end; a cast of supporting characters (involvement of family and friends if desired), some humour and pathos and a little bit of magical sparkle to make it so very special.