"We are all unique and beautiful but together we make a masterpiece."

Naming Ceremonies

There is not a better time to bring family and friends together in celebration than when a beautiful young life is created and welcomed into the world. A bespoke Celebrant led naming ceremony offers the opportunity for your guests to bestow their good wishes and hopes for the future on your child.

When we think of a naming ceremony it is often involving a new born or infant with parents and guardians making pledges and promises to cherish and look after the child.

However; a person may choose to change their name as part of their gender transition. Being able to have the support of family and friends, and for them to be celebrated as their true self, is a very special moment.

Consider two families blending together and becoming one. The children of either family may want to take one parents name or the other in recognition of their parents union.

Please note that it is a legal requirement that all newborns are registered through the register office. More information can be found online.