When the world tilts from its axis

And what you believe is no longer true

Hold precious those who are dear to you

And remind them with each day anew.

If we can think beyond this moment, fix our eyes on the horizon, we may be able to dream of the celebration we will have when we can put this behind us and show our gratitude to those we love; to those who have worked hard to protect us and those who have brightened our skies when the dark clouds loomed above us.

When 2020 dawned, many of us were filled with hope, so much to look forward to. Family parties, weddings, even the simplicity of cooking a meal for friends; our calendars filling up. Our outlook positive.  Some of us were anxious in an excited way – an unchartered path before us. Our roles and responsibilities not fully formed, ideas not fully fleshed out.  Then we talk, we plan, there is a celebration cake to make, a present to buy, wine to bring.  All adding to the excitement, planning for the occasion, ready to celebrate with those we love and those who love us.

And then the inevitable happens; decisions have to be made – we all have an idea, a vision of how we want the occasion to proceed.  We all want the best but we all see from our own perspectives.  Its human nature.  So what should we do?  We look toward the strengths of each of us and we plan accordingly.  We appoint someone to coordinate.  All of us then have a clearly defined role.  It makes us feel we are making a viable contribution.  Happiness ensues.

Having defined roles allows others to see our strengths and be able to appreciate those strengths. We in turn are able to appreciate the strengths of others.  Differences diminish as we relax and become confident in our roles.  We commit to those roles, we are comfortable, we are then also open to constructive feedback or ideas from others.  They do not come from a point of threat, but from a point of collaboration, contribution and support.  Progress is made and success will follow.

The date of the celebration has arrived.  All those responsible have a sense of ownership and a sense of pride.  The celebration seems seamless, it is enjoyed by all, without the knowledge of all the planning, decisions and work that has been undertaken in order for this celebration to be a triumph.

Before we know it, its all over. Leaving a warm and happy memory for all those involved. Hopefully there will be photos, and tales of the day to reminisce in years to come. But what is equally important is how we have learned from each other.  How to talk to one another. How to work alongside each other. And how to appreciate each other.  

Celebrations are far more than just one day.  Start planning yours now so when these dark clouds do lift, we have something in place to enjoy and look forward to.

Stay safe, stay well.

Hold on to your dreams.